Residential Cleaning Services


Window Cleaning

Residential:  Complete window cleaning includes interior and exterior of all windows. This includes wiping the sills/tracks. We can also clean your screens by removing them, taking them outside to scrub, rinse, dry, and re-install. The extent of the cleaning is based upon your request.
Commercial:  We clean windows of buildings up to two stories. Services can be provided quarterly, semi-annually, etc. We also offer billing options. Contact us for further details.
Storefront:  Services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. We also offer billing options. Contact us for further details.
Don't want the same service every visit?  NO PROBLEM.

Carpet Cleaning

We offer two methods of steam extraction cleaning.  First is our industry standard wand cleaning. This is the same style of steam extraction cleaning you see in any advertisement.  We also offer a deeper cleaning method using the Rotovac 360i tool.  It is also steam extraction cleaning, but add an electric motor and agitation to the process.  This method is great for heavily soiled traffic patterns, pet urine issues, rentals, etc.  Give us a call and ask for more details.  Regardless of which method you believe is best for you, regular weekly vacuuming is a key to lengthening the life of your carpet. [...]


Gutter Cleaning

Don’t take the risk. Let the pros do it. We can provide gutter cleaning all the way around your home or business every Fall, or as needed. Some gutter systems are surrounded by trees that shed in the spring too. We’re happy to put you on our Spring and Fall gutter cleaning list. You don’t even have to worry about scheduling it! We’ll do it do for you.
Leaving your gutters filled with debris can cause a number of problems. The gutters can become too heavy and actually pull away from the house. They can become clogged and overflow into your landscaping beds which can also contribute to basement flooding. And finally, clogged gutters in the winter can cause ice dams which can easily cause $1000’s in damage.

Upholstery Cleaning

Hopefully your furniture isn't being walked on, but it does contain many of the same contaminants and pollutants as your carpet.  We absolutely recommend regular vacuuming and steam cleaning of your upholstered furniture.  As there are many different types of fabric, we take the care to determine this and treat your upholstery as prescribed by the manufacturer. [...]


House Washing

If your home has vinyl siding, over time you may see it begin to look dull and dirty.  You may even see one or more sides of the house start to turn green from mildew, algae, and mold.  We can make it look new again with our soft wash system.  We do not actually pressure wash the house as believe there are multiple risks associated with this method, including damaging your siding and forcing water into the walls and attic spaces of your home.  Our house wash includes all of your vinyl siding, trim, doors, shutters, gutters & downspouts. [...]

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Can't get those grout lines looking great again? Are they almost black in the traffic lanes and nearly white on the edges? Our carpet cleaning truck/equipment allows us to do a super job at bringing your grout lines back to new.  By simply using a ceramic tile cleaning tool and cleaning solution…we amaze our clients over and over again with the results. [...]


Pressure Washing

Do you have a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or deck that needs cleaned?  Is it dirty or even moldy looking?  The key to cleaning it is not just blasting away with a pressure washer.  The correct combination of cleaning solutions and agitation ARE A MUST!  Just using the power of a pressure washer alone can cause problems, including streaking, noticeably uneven cleaning, and even damage to the surface. [...]

Wood Floor Cleaning

Don’t want the mess or to spend the money to sand and refinish your hardwood floors?  Selling your home and want to add a new shine for potential buyers to see?  Let us professionally clean your hardwood floors with our Lindhaus Pro equipment and professional quality wood cleaning solutions.  Once cleaned thoroughly, we will apply a new finish of our oil based double cure polyurethane.  You’ll be surprised at the rejuvenated look and feel of your floors. [...]


Chandeliers, Coach Lights, Etc.

While we are cleaning windows or other items, we can also handle your chandeliers, coach lights, mirrors and more! [...]

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Whether your area rug is machine made or hand sewn, we have the knowledge and training to handle it’s cleaning needs.  Though some rugs (usually synthetic) can easily be cleaned on site, we recommend most others that are wool, silk, etc be cleaned off site at our facility.  Here we can thoroughly clean your rug from front to back with our multi-step process that includes inspection & identification, dry soil removal, bathing to flush additional contaminants, and our quick dry process.  We have great success dealing with tough stains and pet urine removal.  Ask us for more details. [...]


Carpet Repair

If you have “waves” in your carpet or a spot that might have been bleached, we have multiple repair crews who can help re-stretch your rooms or even patch a spot where your carpet has been bleached or stained.  Call to set up an inspection/quote. [...]

New Carpet Sales & Installation

Over the years, our customers have asked repeatedly for help in their decision whether to clean or replace their carpet.  Inevitably, when we recommend replacing it, they ask if we can do it.  Ask and ye shall receive.  We have a showroom located at our office.  We have samples that are perfect for investment properties and rentals.  And we have others perfect the homeowner who wants to purchase carpet that will last and stand up great to the wear and tear of raising a family.  Call to set up a FREE inspection and quote. [...]


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